Discover the perfect tweet

by Stratton Craig

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At a time when the majority of brands have established a presence on Twitter, it can be hard to tweet content that stands out. However, the perfect tweet does exist, according to the Marketing Think blog, which reveals the secret in an article and infographic.

The perfect tweet is based on three social media objectives: amplification, engagement and conversion. In order to work well, the tweet should pass three important 'filters'. First of all, it should be readable and intriguing. It then needs to be interesting enough to encourage others to click on it, and compelling enough to retweet.

These three filters are essential but the way the message is structured and its content matter just as much. Here are a few things to consider: the tweet should not be longer than 100 characters, leaving 20 characters for a URL and a further 20 characters empty where retweeters can add their content. One of the most important things in a tweet is a call to action – users need to know what they are expected to do to increase engagement level. Hashtags are a good idea, but there should be one or two at the most included in a single tweet.

The proper tone of voice can make a difference, Marketing Think claims. It advises brands to try to sound as professional as possible but without making the message too dry. Adding a personal twist is recommended, so that users can relate to the message. Marketing Think summarised the perfect tweet as 'a combination of headlines, questions and facts and figures that can drive clicks and retweets'.

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