Why clever is best in slogan writing

by Stratton Craig

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Slogans should be sticky. But catchy rhymes and jingles aren’t the only way to get inside your customers’ heads. Next to your company name, your slogan is often the first thing people see. It can feature on your website and accompany everything from your written correspondence to your e-newsletters. Which is why we at Stratton Craig carefully consider your company’s primary services and values, then channel them into a legacy-making slogan.
Whether you’re rebranding or just reconsidering your written communications, you shouldn’t take your slogan lightly. When crafted with care, it can offer your customers invaluable insight. It can articulate your passion and create intrigue about your purpose. Rhyme or no rhyme. Jingle or no jingle. For example, European car hire company Avis values its employees’ effort and dedication, which is captured nicely in its persuasive slogan ‘We’re No. 2, so we try harder.’ Avis comes across as transparent and genuine, admitting its inferior position and highlighting its desire to please.
Apple’s ‘Think Different’ slogan embraces and articulates its reputation for innovation and invites the customer to be part of a global network of pioneering individuals. In a similar effort to differentiate itself, FedEx captures its unique ability to offer same-day delivery by appealing to busy professionals who demand urgency: ‘When there is no tomorrow’.
Evocative slogans also perform well. Like MasterCard, which sums up life’s greatest pleasures in one simple and highly effective word: ‘Priceless’. The credit card company’s slogan appeals to people all over the world by implying its products can empower you to make memories that transcend cost. Kodak too puts the heart first with its sentimental slogan ‘Share moments. Share life’, emphasising the value of relationships and bringing its customers’ loved ones to mind in the process.
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