Take advantage of the Brazil World Cup

by Stratton Craig

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In 2014 Brazil hosts the World Cup, and brands from all around the globe are already planning their marketing approaches. Brazil’s tradition of playing attractive, Samba-style football means interest in the tournament is at an all-time high, with companies expecting vast numbers of potential consumers to tune in.
This year’s Super Bowl was watched by 108 million people, and was supplemented by a series of expensive adverts. A 30-second TV segment cost firms nearly £2.5 million, so matching stunning visuals with a sharp, appealing script was vital to get value for money.
Over three billion people watched the last World Cup, in 2010, and Brazil’s offering is likely to eclipse even that. This means companies can reach an enticing range of people. But to make a lasting impression on viewers, they’ll have to work even harder to ensure their adverts are remembered along with the tournament’s top goals.
Although it’s being broadcast, TV isn’t the only medium companies can use to communicate with football fans. Social media exploded during the Super Bowl, and Twitter is likely to be swamped with football-related chatter during every game. During the 2012 European Cup Final 16.5 million related tweets were sent, giving companies an opportunity to interact with an international customer base.
When everyone’s talking about an event – whether on social media or in the real world – it can be hard to stand out. But during the Superbowl companies like Oreo managed it, so the World Cup presents a fantastic marketing opportunity for the digitally savvy.
Of course, weak written communications will quickly be brushed away in the swarm of activity, while any social media blunders will be exposed and mocked ruthlessly.
If you’re unsure whether you’re company can make the most of the digital landscape, particularly during events like the World Cup, get in touch with Stratton Craig. Our team of copywriters can polish your written communications, and show you how to use social media to the highest level.

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