Blogging – From Geeks To Serious Business

by Stratton Craig

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Just a few years ago, the popular perception of blogging involved a geek sitting at home, pouring his thoughts out online. However, with recent developments in digital marketing and social media, the image of bloggers has changed dramatically.
According to Sally Whittle, who runs the MAD Blog Awards, blogging has not only turned into a favourite pastime, but the main source of income for many people. And having a company blog is a recommended part of a brand´s business strategy because of its potential to engage users and influence brand perception and purchasing intent.
Interestingly, parents are among the most avid bloggers and readers of blogs. In the UK alone there are more than 7,500 actively used parenting blogs. According to statistics, four in five parents research products or services they are interested in on social media and about half of all parents say they have made a purchase after seeing a product mentioned in a blog post, Equimedia website reports.
Many companies still fail to notice the opportunities presented by blogging for business-to-business communication. According to social media analyst Leon Emirali, blogging is a perfect way to demonstrate a brand’s expertise, professionalism and passion for its industry, which can in turn boost its brand reputation and make it seem trustworthy.
Despite being relatively simple to create and maintain, blogs need to be looked after. Posting regularly and providing fresh and original content is an absolute must for a successful business blog, experts note.

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