Ads of the (election) week

by Stratton Craig

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Lighting up the London sky – Facebook and Bompas & Parr
Not so much an advert as a stunt,  Facebook has teamed up with Bompas & Parr to light up the London Eye in different colours depending on politically-themed interactions taking place on the social networking site. Each 9.30pm light show takes data from approximately 52 million interactions, including likes, shares and comments. Last weekend highlighted the parties discussed by men and women while other topics have included the top five election-related issues and the political leaders getting the most Facebook mentions.
Downright cheeky – Paddy Power, CV-Library
Mocking of politicians has long been a favourite pastime of quiz show hosts and comedians, but it seems that brands are now getting in on the act as well. Paddy Power’s billboard particularly appeals to its sport-mad audience, echoing a football chant often heard on the terraces to suggest that the Prime Minister might be out of a job by tomorrow morning. Elsewhere CV-Library is expecting some new business in the not so distant future.
It’s all about the wings – Smirnoff, Ryanair
For many brands it’s all about being relevant and newsworthy to help them attract the attention of journalists and potential customers alike. As we like words here at Stratton Craig, this particularly jumped out at us (and we all love chicken wings, of course).
A slice of the action – Pizza Hut
And if you’re still confused about who to vote for, don’t worry because the clever team at Pizza Hut have explained all the options in more understandable slices.

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