Ad of the Week – One Ad To Rule Them All

by Stratton Craig

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We’ve cheated a little bit this week to bring you some excellent copywriting in advertising. Not only are none of these ads real, all of the straplines are existing quotes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Valerio Amaro is studying at the Berlin branch of the famed Miami Ad School, and happens to be quite a big Tolkien fan. He put his love of LOTR into some ad concepts for big brands with surprisingly accurate results – you’d be forgiven for thinking these posters were real.
The concepts include ideas for Ryanair, Absolut Vodka, Listerine mouthwash and Skype. There are too many great ideas to list (and the Durex ad might be too much for some). There’s much debate in the office but our top three would have to be:
Fly, you fools!  – Ryanair
Not all who wander are lost. – TomTom
I am never late, nor early. I arrive precisely when I mean to. – Rolex
What we really like about this idea is how well the meaning of the quotes translates to match the brand they’re paired with. The art direction for each piece is also lovely, but the words always take centre stage for each example.  It’s also easy to see many of these running as part of full advertising campaigns.
We’ve always got an eye out for snappy copy and inspired ideas. Share any great ads you see with us – we found this on Twitter, so feel free to tweet us with your picks.

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