Ad of the week – Fresh’s ‘School Morning’

by Stratton Craig

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This week’s ad comes courtesy of North-East England anti-smoking body Fresh. We’ve chosen it for its powerful message, strong call to action and integration across multiple mediums.
The TV advert begins with a young boy tidying his bedroom while getting ready for school, before the voiceover leads with a straightforward message: “One in every two long-term smokers will die from a smoking related illness, some of them in their forties”
In this instance, the facts have been allowed to speak for themselves, highlighting once again how copywriting with great brevity can be the most impactful when the information conveyed is particularly powerful.
The ad continues: “How will your family cope if you are one of them?” addressing the viewer directly with a simple question to forge a greater connection between them and the message. The broadcast finishes with a reassurance that help is available, which sets up the succinct call-to-action to be delivered with more impact: “It’s never too late to quit smoking. Get help and advice at”
With so few clauses included in the voiceover, ‘School Morning’ avoids the pitfall of masking the primary message with those designed to stimulate an emotional response from the audience. The broadcast leverages the visuals and words well through an uncomplicated process – presenting the problem, offering a solution and providing the route to achieve this.
This route is the microsite, which provides information on how smokers can combat their habit. Brief sentences feature alongside direct questions and striking facts, qualified by direct quotes from those involved in the scheme to help the reader relate. The site is structured to allow further calls-to-action to lead navigation, tying up the campaign’s conversational tone.
The ‘School Morning’ ad and complementing microsite emphasises how lean copywriting can lead the audience through a structured thought process and towards a desired outcome, especially when underpinned by an evocative message.
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