Ad of the week – Coca-Cola

by Stratton Craig

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Coca-Cola’s brand image is one of the most distinctive around. Simply speaking the name aloud invokes thoughts of festive freight, chilled cans and the iconic red logo. And the brand’s latest initiative, which celebrates the names of its customers instead, has gone down typically smoothly.
The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign replaces the distinctive Coca-Cola logo with a person’s name, taken from a collection of the 150 most popular British names. ‘Share a Coke’ bottles are being sold in shops across the UK for the duration of the summer, and customers are being encouraged to get involved via social media. A Facebook app for creating and sharing a virtual Coke has been produced, and the brand is inviting people to send photos of them sharing Coke bottles, with #shareacoke, to its Twitter account @cokezone.  
By using people’s names in pride of place on its bottles, Coca-Cola has attempted to connect with its customers on a more personal level. It has also fostered a mass discussion on social media. Tens of thousands of virtual Coke bottles have been traded, and between 28 April and 12 May, Coca-Cola reached 40 percent of the UK’s Facebook population.
The ‘Share a Coke’ campaign seems to be working wonders for the brand, and it has certainly impressed us. Though far removed from good old fashioned copywriting, there’s no more direct way of addressing someone than by using their name.
Unfortunately most names from the Stratton Craig team seem to have been omitted from the list, but even seeing the name of someone you know on a Coke bottle is enough to make most people take a second look, and maybe even buy it.
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