Ad of the week – Clydesdale Bank ‘We care about here’

by Stratton Craig

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It’s fair to say that the popularity of banks has diminished since the economic downturn. Clydesdale Bank’s new advertisement effectively addresses this by reinforcing the message that the Bank’s purpose is to support its customers. The tagline ‘We care about here’ positions Clydesdale as a local bank with an understanding and appreciation of the clients who walk through its doors.
The advert is set in Scotland, and uses a documentary-style format and voiceover to show local heroes at work, with an intimate soundtrack by Benjamin Britten. It follows trawlermen working amidst stormy seas, firemen fighting a blaze and veterinary surgeons operating on a horse. The narrator’s Scottish accent helps to localise the advert, and the focus on traditionally heroic and inspiring professions shows Clydesdale’s appreciation for their actions.
With the acknowledgement of the fact that Clydesdale Bank isn’t doing these things, comes the supporting line ‘we’re proud to serve the people that do’. While the Bank may not fight fires, it acts as an important facilitator to the lives of those who do, and is proud to do so.
The advert concludes as the camera pans out to show a small, intimate Clydesdale Bank branch in the centre of a bustling town. A man parks his bike without locking it and enters the bank, giving a message of confidence and security, as the narrator states: ‘For over 175 years we’ve stayed close to home, never losing touch with what people really need.’ Again, this dissociates Clydesdale from the stereotypically impersonal banking industry, and positions it as a local but experienced bank that customers can trust. It’s an emotive advert in which the copy, ‘We care about here’, is central, and is effectively played out in the film.
We’re proud to work with Clydesdale Bank – you can read more about how we help them here.

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