/ Lastminute.com

“Our brand language has been diluted. Can you write thousands of high-quality pages for us at speed?”

Helping lastminute.com to refresh thousands of web pages

Lastminute.com wanted to rewrite thousands of travel pages on their website. The challenge was to find writers who could produce high-quality, high-volume content in Lastminute.com’s unique tone of voice. They chose us. So we put together an academy of writers, proof-readers and project managers to focus on Lastminute.com copywriting – which ensured three pairs of eyes to review each piece of work.

We drew on our extensive travel writing experience to help lastminute.com refresh their website with engaging content to boost SEO within the bounds of a consistent brand language.

Within two months of the project kick-off, we had delivered 6,000 high quality web pages. And we continued to deliver hundreds of pieces of Lastminute.com content every month over the six-month life of the project, proving that even the largest website refresh projects can be implemented quickly when you have the right team on the case.