Travel copywriting for asked for our travel copywriting expertise to create thousands of pages on a tight deadline

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The challenge is famed as a trailblazer for e-commerce and remains a go-to destination for millions of customers. When the team approached us, the aim was to protect its standing by improving its SEO rankings. asked us to rewrite thousands of high-quality pages in a unique tone of voice. And we had a very tight deadline to meet.

The solution

During the first phase of the project, we delivered almost 6,000 pages within two months, before ‘easing back’ to hundreds of pages every month.

Our copywriters covered everything from destinations to specific accommodation and itineraries.

By assembling a team of travel writers, proofreaders and project managers, we put three pairs of eyes on each piece of work to ensure it was accurate, on-brand and thoroughly proofread.

The results

Thanks to the fast and thorough work of our team of copywriters, content strategists, proofreaders and account managers, was up to the minute again.