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What 2017 looks like for the legal industry

We’re already a month in to 2017 and what with the Supreme Court Brexit ruling and new policies flying in from President Trump, the legal industry is in the spotlight. In...

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How to go from content owner to storyteller

‘People don’t buy products; they buy the personalities and meanings associated with the story of those products.’ – Thomson Dawson, Four Methods of Strategic Brand Building. Storytelling is one of the...

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Which one are you: content owner, thought leader or storyteller?

There are three types, or stages, of digital content strategy: content owner, thought leader and storyteller. Depending on your business and your brand, you will adopt one or more of...

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How to properly document your content strategy

Before planning you should probably do some more planning – that’s what documenting a content strategy is about. If you’re in charge of your company’s content marketing strategy, you’re probably used...

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5 content trends for 2017 – our predictions

As we approach Q4 and the end of 2016, the team at Stratton Craig HQ has been thinking about the next big things in content. And despite our not-so-hidden agenda...

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By ‘eck lad – how tailoring your copy by town could benefit your brand

We’re used to the biggest brands having a tone of voice these days, but we’re less used to them having accents. Are they missing a trick? As copywriters we’re regularly working...

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