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New words for things that don’t have a name – but should

The publication of the first Roald Dahl dictionary, packed with evocative neologisms and onomatopoeic nonsense words, has got the Stratton Craig crew misty-eyed for times gone by. As writers it’s...

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The power of "No"

We’re always being encouraged to say yes, to take on new opportunities and avoid being the one to break up everyone’s fun with a frank “um, actually…no”. But is this...

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The Copywriter December 2009

Lately, we’ve been inspired by the use of ‘word clouds’. As you can see in the clouds above some words are larger than others, indicating that they have been used...

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The Copywriter January 2010

Word Clouds Wishing you a very happy new year! Just before the end of 2009, we were asked by Communicate magazine to look at the language used in the annual reports...

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It's a WRAP

Stratton Craig is a tried and tested copywriting resource for the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP), who've chosen us to write executive summaries for three recent industry and trade...

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Recruiting the best for Reed HR

Stratton Craig has won a project to reposition an important brochure for Reed HR. Reed is the UK’s leading specialist recruitment and HR services provider. It wanted to rewrite an...

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Making connections – WiredMedia

We recently met online agency Wired Media for a chat, and they immediately asked us to help write copy for their new website. After an interview with the MD, we developed...

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21 Years On

A lot of things have happened since 1987. The Berlin wall came down, Hubble was launched, the Euro was introduced and Hong Kong was returned to China. But more importantly,...

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European links

Stratton Craig has been making new inroads to business in Europe recently, with a bit of help from the ever-levelling exchange rate. We’ve recently won a pitch to write the annual...

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Recession? No thanks

We’re in a recession. What are you going to do? Keep talking, that’s what. It would be easy for brand managers to persuade themselves that they need to cut investment in...

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