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2017 travel trends and how to market them

Brexit, technology and a surge in healthier lifestyles are changing the face of the travel industry. Here are a few of the most significant travel trends set to take off...

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Why honesty is the best travel policy: Lessons from San Francisco

Most travel brands deal in transport significantly less glamorous than exotic overseas adventure. Far from selling the dream, they can score points with customers by telling the truth. The whole...

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Making it personal: the key to building brand engagement

Consumer purchases are predicated on many things. They can be pleasure oriented. They can be status driven. They can be influenced by a sense of individuality, belonging or confidence. But...

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Why modern companies must rise to the challenge of writing for digital channels – or

According to recent figures, almost half of the global population now has access to the internet. With more and more people living virtual lives, the potential for reaching and transacting...

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Pen pals: the smart way for travel companies to keep in touch

Email newsletters offer travel-based businesses the perfect chance to deliver targeted content directly to potential and current clients’ inboxes. If you’re providing content that’s relevant and pertinent, this can lead...

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Top five Twitter tips for travel companies

The travel community loves Twitter. If your travel company is looking to expand your reach then Twitter is without doubt one of the most powerful tools out there. Use it...

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Why inbound marketing is taking off in the travel industry

Inbound vs outbound Traditional - or outbound - marketing, involves reaching out to consumers, for instance through cold-calling, direct mail, paid advertising and sponsorship. Today, many companies choose to rely...

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How to take advantage of user-generated content (UGC) for travel marketing

A new holiday era has been sweeping the globe. The dark days of holiday brochures and guidebooks are long gone, with the physical travel agent almost deemed redundant. This is...

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Nine meaningless travel expressions and how to avoid them

Travel writing is not an easy task. There’s often so much to talk about and just not enough space to include everything. It’s important to add value with every word...

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