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How the English language is learning to express itself

When you can’t seem to find the word you need, look to other languages. “She gazed at the map, her wanderlust stronger than ever. She had found what she wanted and...

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Cats everywhere – Japanese phrases, part five

Part two of our series on Japanese phrases and their literal meanings has already covered the ‘animal’ theme, but we’re coming back to it to complete the series. As it...

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Dealing with fools – Japanese phrases, part three

In my research into Japanese idioms and phrases, I’ve discovered that there are a lot of ways to describe and insult an idiot. I’ll take you through some of these...

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Coca-Cola’s Super Bowl ad is patriotic in any language

Running a 30-second advert during the 2014 Super Bowl cost brands $4 million dollars (appx. £2.45 million) per slot, and every second had an impact on the estimated 111.5 million...

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Promotional Mascot of the Week – Fukuppy

Few countries are more creative with the use of the portmanteau than Japan. As it often takes more syllables to say something relatively simple, the Japanese language is filled with...

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Avoid Turning Your International Marketing Campaign Into A Translation Disaster

Brands use slogans as a repetitive expression of an idea or purpose to promote the products they offer to the public, hoping they will attract more fans and buyers by...

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Multilingual Search Marketing Should Focus On Localisation

Translation blunders can have quite an impact on reputation. Most people have heard the story of JFK unwittingly calling himself a jelly doughnut in front of the whole world in...

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International SEO Requires Planning

The various updates that search engines are constantly rolling out have made it possible for brands to target different groups of consumers more effectively than ever, with special attention being...

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Translation In Multinational Polls Could Cause Bias

The advancement of modern technology has allowed many businesses to go global and this is undoubtedly a great advantage for international brands which can rely on broad audiences and large...

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