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Language and fashion – what’s the latest trend?

Leyla, Hallie, Jenna and Yazmin – the newest, coolest girls on the block. But they aren’t up-and-coming models or exciting movie stars. They’re styles of New Look jeans. And they’re...

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Why banks are losing face

When was the last time you popped into the bank? Unless your auntie has given you a tenner cheque for Christmas or you’ve lost your card reader, then it was...

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Creating Consistency – Building brand through style and tone

‘On brand’ – what does that even mean? Get your message across online by clarifying your tone of voice. Your brand’s personality is your biggest asset. Think about the last time...

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How to say sorry in business

Knowing how to apologise properly is a must for even the best-behaved business. The nature of social media means that if a brand messes up these days, a whole lot...

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What are your values and how do you bring them to life?

In our recent newsletter, we discussed the elements that make up the verbal identity of your brand. They included your company values. Here’s a recap on just what those are: “Your...

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Mind your language! A look at some of the jargon behind today’s most successful brands

Language is at the core of every branding success story. It’s how businesses relay purpose and personality, establishing a connection with their target audience that goes beyond one purchase or...

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Chasing a goose with a klaxon: the language of recruitment

An unusual job posting caught my eye recently. I love being a copywriter, but the prospect of being a ‘Goose Scarer’ was one I just had to look into. Roehampton University...

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A bit of blue sky thinking

I’m going to put a stake in the ground here… I’m a big fan of the Twitter hashtag #thingsyouhearinagencies. It provides me with a constant stream of remarkably accurate phrases...

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What can businesses learn from the language of personal relationships?

I have a habit of calling people ‘darling’. It’s something I use when talking to good friends and casual acquaintances alike - even those I’ve only just met. Many people...

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Striking the right tone during a rebrand

Sometimes, even global brands struggle with their identity. Cancer Research UK (CRUK) is one of the nation’s leading cancer charities, but last year it identified problems with its image and...

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