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Mind your language! A look at some of the jargon behind today’s most successful brands

Language is at the core of every branding success story. It’s how businesses relay purpose and personality, establishing a connection with their target audience that goes beyond one purchase or...

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Is content marketing a lie?

We recently saw content marketing described as ‘a lie’. It made us sit up and think. Is it a fair assessment of marketing’s latest favourite flavour? YES, it’s fair The message and...

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What does 2014 hold for the world of content marketing?

As something of a hobby alongside our copywriting, we like to try our hand at fortune telling. January is always a month of predictions, so we’re throwing our crystal ball into...

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Financial institutions bank on new campaigns this autumn

When we were collecting new copywriting stories for this month’s newsletter, we noticed a trend. Many of the most popular, effective and potentially controversial topics of the last four weeks...

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Looking back on a summer of synonyms, swearing and silence

There’s been an unusually high number of stories this summer that revolve around words, or a lack of them in some cases. The team here at Stratton Craig has taken...

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‘Enemies of Afghanistan’: The importance of military language

‘Enemies of Afghanistan’ is the terminology now used by the US military in its announcements in Afghanistan, to describe assailants such as the Taliban[1]. The phrase came into force on...

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Corporate reporting best practice – our top tips

Is July too early to start thinking about your next corporate report? Not according to speakers at Communicate Magazine's 'Best practice: corporate reporting' conference. Addison, a leading corporate design agency, mentioned...

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UK Uncut: Social Media Community Management Hits the Streets

On Saturday 23rd of March a tweet went out with a time and location; moments later Fortnum and Mason was overwhelmed by groups singing and individuals reading poetry. Not your...

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That’s one small step for man… one giant leap for mankind.

Fascinating to read last week that as of October this year, the US will be enforcing a Plain Writing Act on all documents for public consumption. Although the federal government...

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The Copywriter September 2012 – Top 25 tips for great copy

We’re proud to be celebrating our 25th birthday this year. Established in Bath in 1987, and now based in London, we’ve worked our way through economic ups and downs, the...

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