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The Stratton Craig social media jargon buster: Part Five (M to O)

  Our alphabetical list of social media jargon is already more than halfway through, and this post is the fifth in the series. We’ll cover M, N and O this time. Use...

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Top Tips For Establishing A Content Marketing Strategy

While many marketers are confident that content marketing will play an increasingly important role for businesses in 2013, especially in light of the mighty Google Author Rank, many small businesses...

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The Stratton Craig social media jargon buster: Part Nine (X, Y and Z)

  Our ninth - and sadly final - blog in this series brings us to the end of the alphabet. We’ll be covering X, Y and Z to reach the end...

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Three quarters of Facebook engagement happens in the first three hours

A new study from Optimal Social, a company that won a Facebook competition for developing a measuring and optimisation tool for social marketing, has revealed that the first three hours...

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Brands Should be ready for Pros and Cons of Social Media Publicity

Being in the public eye nowadays is a mixed blessing for brands, given the unprecedented access the internet offers to people all around the world. Social platforms such as Facebook,...

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Digital More Important Than Traditional Channels, Nike VP Says

Brands need to focus their attention on interacting with consumers via digital channels, as they can boost business far more than any of the traditional tools for advertising can, says...

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The Stratton Craig social media jargon buster: Part Seven (S to U)

We’re fast approaching the end of the alphabet in our social media jargon-busting series. This week, our regular instalment will take on S, T and U. To see all of the...

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Survey finds that women value peer reviews while men look for factual information online

Providing the right content to the right consumers is key to marketing in the social media age. A new survey from market research company Usurv provides some insight into demographics...

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Ad of the week – Andy Murray sponsors

Twitter’s burgeoning popularity means that rapid response marketing has never been more important. Tweeting spur-of-the-moment comments to wittily encapsulate an event, and at the same time plug a brand, comes...

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Social Media Marketing Drives ROI For Brands

Many brands already interact with customers on social media and use content marketing as key elements of their marketing strategy. The benefits of the approach were highlighted in a recent study...

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