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The wrong words: how one bank got it wrong

Social media fail - how a mega bank chose the wrong words. #Mondaymotivation or #Mondaymoneyshaming? That was the question on many people’s minds when they saw Chase Bank’s attempt at relatable...

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#nofilter – Is there such a thing as too much transparency?

These are interesting times for a copywriting agency: another day, another tweetstorm from the leader of the free world. As US President, Donald Trump has become notorious for his unbridled...

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Social media and finance brands – Moving past a marriage of convenience?

The financial services industry has never been known for leading the way in cutting edge marketing. And there are a number of good reasons for this: legislation, regulation, privacy concerns...

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The Content Funnel: How to target customers with the right content at the right time

In 2015, the Content Marketing Institute discovered that despite 76% of B2C marketers reporting that they used content marketing, only 37% said their strategy was effective. And the story was...

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How to maximise the effectiveness of your social media news feeds

Many brands have recently experienced a drop in their ‘organic reach’ as the way that social media is consumed changes. This doesn’t mean that your brand is out of date...

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Ad of the month: Airbnb – Mankind

Airbnb is no ordinary accommodation booking site, which is one of the reasons why it was recently valued at an extraordinary $25 billion plus. The firm is one other red-hot...

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The pros and cons of social media platforms for travel companies

The massive and tangible benefits for travel companies of engaging with customers via social media cannot be overstated. That said some platforms work better than others for certain types of...

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Top five Twitter tips for travel companies

The travel community loves Twitter. If your travel company is looking to expand your reach then Twitter is without doubt one of the most powerful tools out there. Use it...

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Three ways to make your travel content go viral

It may seem like your ability to produce viral-worthy content is as far away as the destinations you're pushing, but all successful travel campaigns have several things in common that...

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Five reasons why your company blog is failing

Blogs are a great way of building a following for your business. They give you the chance to broadcast your voice to the wider world as well as explain what...

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