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Content for the customer buying process: purchase decision

The fourth and most important stage of the customer buying process is purchase decision, where your potential customer is at the point of purchasing from you. If an individual has...

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Five of the worst public apology fails and one winner

We recently looked at how to say sorry in business and why it is so important in the age of social media. Well we’ve taken a look into the archives...

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Four ways to make your sustainability report a more engaging read

Sustainability reports – and indeed corporate reports in general - are becoming more and more integrated, interactive and engaging. That’s good news for the reader. And it can be good...

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Five ways to stop hyperbole ruining your life

Exaggeration is often harmless; telling a friend they look amazing when ok is more accurate never hurts. In the world of advertising, though, it’s different. Although it might be compelling...

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How to say sorry in business

Knowing how to apologise properly is a must for even the best-behaved business. The nature of social media means that if a brand messes up these days, a whole lot...

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Five ways great copy can make your business stand out

Effective, compelling content is often the difference between gaining the attention of a potential customer and losing them forever. Here are our top five tips to writing great copy that...

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Three rules for a successful finance email campaign

With email marketing tools becoming ever more sophisticated and adaptable, putting in the effort to personalise email campaigns can reap huge benefits for finance companies. Here are three ways to...

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How to refresh old content for future value

Blogging may demand new ideas, but this doesn’t mean a post becomes worthless once it’s a week, six months or even a year old. By refreshing old posts you can...

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Three C-Suite finance bloggers and why you should follow them

We want to give C-suite bloggers the attention they deserve. Blogs from a company chief require a slightly different approach to succeed, as we explain below. They add a personal touch Posts...

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You’ve been ‘verbed’!

The phenomenon of ‘verbing’ - turning a noun into a verb - is not new, but with trending and friending now commonplace in the English language, even civil servants have...

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