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The 12 Copywriting Days of Christmas

On the 1st day of Christmas, a writer sent to me: a rightly placed apostrophe. On the 2nd day of Christmas, a writer sent to me: 2 final drafts and a...

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Content for the customer buying process: purchase decision

The fourth and most important stage of the customer buying process is purchase decision, where your potential customer is at the point of purchasing from you. If an individual has...

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Content for the customer buying process: evaluation of alternatives

So far in our series of blogs exploring content for the customer buying process we’ve introduced problem recognition and information search, which leads us on to the next crucial stage: evaluation...

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How guest blogs can grow your audience and boost your Google rankings

The term ‘guest blogging or posting’ means to publish an article on some else’s website or blog. For businesses this generally means featuring a guest blog written by somebody else...

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Content for the customer buying process: problem recognition

You may already be familiar with the customer buying process - the steps your customers take on the way to purchasing your product/service. By understanding both your audience and each...

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What does your email sign-off say about you?

It’s anticipated that by the end of 2017, business email will account for over 132 billion emails sent and received per day. As the medium becomes a more and more...

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Five of the worst public apology fails and one winner

We recently looked at how to say sorry in business and why it is so important in the age of social media. Well we’ve taken a look into the archives...

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Four ways to make your sustainability report a more engaging read

Sustainability reports – and indeed corporate reports in general - are becoming more and more integrated, interactive and engaging. That’s good news for the reader. And it can be good...

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Five ways to stop hyperbole ruining your life

Exaggeration is often harmless; telling a friend they look amazing when ok is more accurate never hurts. In the world of advertising, though, it’s different. Although it might be compelling...

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How to say sorry in business

Knowing how to apologise properly is a must for even the best-behaved business. The nature of social media means that if a brand messes up these days, a whole lot...

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