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Boring financial language or critical information?

The boring fine print I recently shared a story with a colleague about a work dilemma which has stayed with me for over ten years. As a lowly Marketing Executive for...

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Why banks are losing face

When was the last time you popped into the bank? Unless your auntie has given you a tenner cheque for Christmas or you’ve lost your card reader, then it was...

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Storytelling in advertising – a story of success

With the countdown to World Book Day on Thursday 2nd March well underway, I’ve decided to focus on how a well-known brand has successfully made storytelling a major part of...

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Steadying the ship: The importance of communication in uncertain times

During times of uncertainty and change, good employee communications are essential for organisational stability. Following the EU referendum, the UK has been plunged into social, political and economic turmoil. Jobs are...

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Why modern companies must rise to the challenge of writing for digital channels – or

According to recent figures, almost half of the global population now has access to the internet. With more and more people living virtual lives, the potential for reaching and transacting...

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The language of finance: how you should write your corporate reports

The new language of finance is increasingly central to reporting and corporate communications, with a focus on honesty and transparency to build trust among stakeholders. Integrated reporting As well as redefining the...

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The language of finance: 3 lessons from Nutmeg that you need to follow

Nutmeg is a UK-based investment management company, and it is emblematic of the new wave of financial organisations that have risen from the murky ashes of the global financial meltdown....

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Why financial firms need to find their voice

Why financial firms need to find their voice ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ So said Winston Churchill, and he has a point. While the financial crisis may be old...

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Stratton Craig and Instinctif: Award-winning Annual Report writing for the second year running

Stratton Craig, in partnership with communications and corporate reporting specialists Instinctif, has helped Russian telecommunications operator MegaFon win Best Annual Report in the telecommunications sector at the 2015 Moscow Stock...

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Best practice for Integrated Reporting success

The financial crisis sharpened the focus on annual reporting and highlighted significant flaws in its effectiveness as a tool to determine the overall health of a company. These revelations led...

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