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Building trust and providing reassurance in a crisis

Leaders are being tested at the moment. You may need to make difficult decisions while keeping employees motivated. It’s like treading a tightrope. On the one hand, you want to...

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Language of leadership – the good, the bad and the ugly

As governments across the globe scramble to steer their countries through the coronavirus pandemic, leadership has rightly come under the spotlight. The crisis has also thrown into sharp relief the importance...

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Should you care about an Oxford comma?

As lovers of language, we at Stratton Craig enjoy nothing more than a good old fashioned grammar debate. So you can imagine our collective interest in the latest controversy hitting the...

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Word of the year: Our words of the year and past decade

As the decade draws to a close, we’re taking a trip down memory lane through the greatness of words. In the 10 years that brought us the London Olympics, Diamond Jubilee...

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How the language of debate can be harmful – from the perspective of a copywriting

As a copywriting agency in Bristol that regularly works on sustainability communications, we know the statistics surrounding environmental issues. For example, every year, more than 330 people in Bristol die...

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Parliamentary prose – the language of leadership

"In this, the most peculiar and extraordinary of political times, the language that is used is incredibly important.” Anna Soubry, leader of the Independent Group for Change. We were surprised by the...

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Stop yelling at your readers! There’s a time and a place for exclamation marks

To the untrained eye, punctuation might not seem to have a much of an impact on a piece of writing. Of course, we all know the perils of a misplaced...

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Are acronyms a help or a hindrance? Well that depends…

We see acronyms everywhere in our daily lives and abbreviations such as PIN, DNA and NHS are used so frequently that their meanings have become universally understood (maybe even more...

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We believe words matter…and The Telegraph agrees with us

Not surprisingly, words are something we’re passionate about. And that’s because we believe that words, language and communication matter. The right words can change minds, win hearts and spread ideas....

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The beauty of simple language – 5 stunning examples

Ever replayed a lost argument in the shower? You’ll suddenly come up with the ultimate response, just a few hours too late. Don’t beat yourself up, though. Punchy, short statements that...

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