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How great copywriting can help construction companies

While the medium-term outlook for construction is strong – with $8 trillion global growth projected by 2030 – shorter-term forecasts for the UK, Europe and the US present a mixed...

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Digitisation in Construction – the value of construction content writers

If you work in the construction industry, you may have heard about digitisation. More importantly, you’ve probably begun to see the many ways it is beginning to change a sector...

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How content writing can help the construction industry’s ageing workforce

The construction industry faces a number of personnel challenges including negative perceptions of the sector and an ageing workforce. In an increasingly competitive jobs market, construction companies will need to...

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Challenges vs opportunities for construction industry copywriting

It’s not all doom and gloom – construction industry copywriting may be the shining beacon for firms hard-hit by negative perceptions.  Recent headlines and language in the media have knocked the...

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How construction copywriters can make the scale of the industry comprehensible

Copywriting is only effective if it's understood by your audience – that’s rule number one. But understanding goes beyond your words’ legibility. If you want your audience to truly comprehend...

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Balancing strategic and tactical marketing – the value of a construction copywriting agency

When faced with external threats to revenue, it’s tempting to use shorter-term marketing tactics and push strategy to the side. But this can make communications inconsistent and confusing – putting...

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How to recover from a bad reputation and rebuild your brand…

Did you know that over half of homeowners of recent new builds in England said they’d experienced major problems with their new homes? These included issues with construction, unfinished fittings and...

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