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Stop yelling at your readers! There’s a time and a place for exclamation marks

To the untrained eye, punctuation might not seem to have a much of an impact on a piece of writing. Of course, we all know the perils of a misplaced...

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How to win over impatient readers

In 2000, the average attention span was recorded at 12 seconds. Over a decade later, Microsoft concluded that the average attention span now sits at around eight seconds – less...

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Content marketing on a shoestring budget

If there’s one thing you’ll take away from this blog, it’s the realisation that big bucks don’t always get you big results. A company may think that by throwing lots...

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Do you know what Martian means?

‘One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple’ - Jack Kerouac. I was once sitting an exam at university and I had to analyse a poem...

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The big bad world of copywriting, made good

When meeting people for the first time – be it at a networking event, a neighbour’s barbecue or down the local pub for post-work drinks – one of the first...

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Don’t just curate, create: lessons from Robert Walters

Modern day recruitment is evolving at an unprecedented rate. Never before has content marketing played such a leading role in a sector with sales at its heart. Today, recruitment agencies...

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Content for the customer buying process: information search

Part two of our blog series on the best content for the customer buying process takes us to information search – the second stage of a consumer’s purchasing journey. Below we’ll...

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How guest blogs can grow your audience and boost your Google rankings

The term ‘guest blogging or posting’ means to publish an article on some else’s website or blog. For businesses this generally means featuring a guest blog written by somebody else...

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Three C-Suite finance bloggers and why you should follow them

We want to give C-suite bloggers the attention they deserve. Blogs from a company chief require a slightly different approach to succeed, as we explain below. They add a personal touch Posts...

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Six of our favourite finance blogs

Whether you’re fighting debt and bad spending habits, looking to invest or just trying to figure it all out, everyone can benefit from a little advice and a fresh perspective...

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