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Beyond the balance sheet – Regulatory changes are pushing the boundaries of corporate reporting

The corporate reporting landscape is changing. As investors and other stakeholders demand more relevant disclosure in corporate reports, new legislation, frameworks and guidelines are pushing organisations towards broader definitions and...

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Annual Reports: How to share good and bad news

They say honesty is the best policy. And this is never truer than in an annual report, the ultimate aim of which is to inform and build trust and confidence...

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Evolution not revolution: Getting started with Integrated Reporting

As companies around the world seek richer ways to engage stakeholders, more are turning to the holistic approach of Integrated Reporting. The list of benefits to businesses that adopt an Integrated...

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Integrated Reporting – the essentials

As we mentioned in our January newsletter, one of the hot topics on corporate communicators’ minds at the moment is the dawn of Integrated Reporting (IR). But when companies have...

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The language of finance: how you should write your corporate reports

The new language of finance is increasingly central to reporting and corporate communications, with a focus on honesty and transparency to build trust among stakeholders. Integrated reporting As well as redefining the...

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Stratton Craig and Instinctif: Award-winning Annual Report writing for the second year running

Stratton Craig, in partnership with communications and corporate reporting specialists Instinctif, has helped Russian telecommunications operator MegaFon win Best Annual Report in the telecommunications sector at the 2015 Moscow Stock...

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Best practice for Integrated Reporting success

The financial crisis sharpened the focus on annual reporting and highlighted significant flaws in its effectiveness as a tool to determine the overall health of a company. These revelations led...

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Five ways to improve your next integrated report

Recently, the UK Corporate Reporting Leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), Mark O’Sullivan, said that the business case for integrated reporting is growing stronger. He puts this down to the benefits that...

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Why sustainability attracts investors

As the Volkswagen emissions scandal highlights, consumers – and regulators – are serious about sustainability. Whether ecologic, economic, cultural or political – sustainability is rising to the forefront of organisation’s...

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Five reasons why your corporate report should be integrated

When it comes to corporate reporting, integrated reporting is one that has developed rapidly in recent years, with more and more businesses waking up to its benefits. In short, this important...

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