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Missing your target audience – Cautionary tales from ad land

Shoot for the moon, or just pretend that’s what you were aiming for… When it comes to bad advertising, annoying your audience is one thing, but causing offence can be fatal....

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What can the Samsung ostrich teach us about storytelling?

Have you seen Samsung’s advert with the ostrich? If not you’re in for a treat. Samsung has brought us one of the most adorable adverts of the 21st century, and that...

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9 ways storytelling can win you new business

‘Storytelling is joke telling’ says Pixar’s Andrew Stanton. While there is great truth in this statement, it might not translate for every business. What Stanton does show us, however, is that...

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Storytelling in advertising – a story of success

We might think that storytelling is reserved for novels, but it can play an effective role in advertising campaigns. This is something that the most successful brands utilize frequently. Let’s...

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Ad of the week: Cobra Beer – Meet the Boss

We raise a glass to Cobra Beer as our ad of the week choice, with the curry house favourite’s Meet the Boss TV slot gaining our approval for its clever...

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Ad of the month: NHSBT – Bleed for England

The Rugby World Cup is in full swing but England, the hosts, have crashed out of their own party at the first opportunity. Pathetic, unpatriotic, useless. However you want to describe...

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Ad of the month: Airbnb – Mankind

Airbnb is no ordinary accommodation booking site, which is one of the reasons why it was recently valued at an extraordinary $25 billion plus. The firm is one other red-hot...

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Ad of the month – Slater Gordon

An advert in a free paper has to work pretty hard to make me look twice. And it can’t just be me that has just a quick flick through the...

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Ads of the (election) week

Lighting up the London sky - Facebook and Bompas & Parr Not so much an advert as a stunt,  Facebook has teamed up with Bompas & Parr to light up the...

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Ad of the month – Protein World

Pretty much every commute at the moment fills me with outrage. And it’s not the usual train delays/ overcrowding/ tourists standing on the left of escalators getting my goat. It’s...

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