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Five success factors for fit-for-purpose content

Innovation and lateral thinking are coming into their own at the moment. Businesses in every sector are finding new ways to operate. And we’re not just talking about remote working...

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How good healthcare copywriting can communicate success during a crisis

While the COVID-19 pandemic is proving to be an overwhelmingly negative force for virtually every sector across the planet, the world of healthcare is thriving. The New York Times proposed...

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Comms planning: Navigating uncertainty in three steps

As the world takes its first tentative steps out of lockdown, the cogs are starting to turn again in sectors that were completely on hold. A new type of comms...

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How legal content writing can build trust and win new business

Face-to-face meetings help legal professionals form relationships with new clients and win business. Our experience of copywriting for legal companies tells us that nurturing these relationships is essential for their...

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How can healthcare copywriting help us make the right choices?

You’d think getting people to do things that benefit their health would be a walk in the park, right? Surely, the idealistic healthcare copywriting company, or marketer, mumbles to themselves,...

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Industry 4.0, manufacturing copywriting and the comms challenges of automation

COVID-19 may have hit the pause button on nearly every aspect of modern life, but even it is not strong enough to halt the seismic shifts occurring across the manufacturing...

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How legal copywriting can remove emotion without reducing impact

TV crime dramas have painted a sombre image of the life and work of a lawyer. They come across as sassy, frank and cold. But from our experience of copywriting...

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Content audit: the effective way to stay on-message in a crisis

It’s been pedal to the metal recently with coronavirus comms planning. Covid-19 hubs have sprung up across the web, and emails about online delivery and customer service have been making...

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Building trust and providing reassurance in a crisis

Leaders are being tested at the moment. You may need to make difficult decisions while keeping employees motivated. It’s like treading a tightrope. On the one hand, you want to...

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Writer’s blockdown? Let’s fix that

When you’ve been looking at the same four walls for the past however many weeks, writer’s block becomes frustratingly real. If you’ve been typing frantically and getting nowhere, we hear...

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