Helping Fastly win with words

by Darren Clare

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We turned to Stratton Craig because we needed a partner that could bring our strategy to life and turn around great content at scale. That’s exactly what we achieved.

Stratton Craig has not only provided a lever for us to pull when we need copywriting relief, they’re gifted storytellers, too. They picked up on our brand voice and tone right away, and are always able to take any feedback. We don’t have to handhold or go through rounds of revisions. Even the technical pieces are strong enough to put in front of our SMEs straight away.

Working with a new agency partner is usually stressful. Will they tell our story as well as we do? Will they understand our audience? Will they deliver on time? The answer to all these questions, in the case of Stratton Craig, is yes. Time and time again, they deliver value above and beyond the expected.

We’re so happy we found Stratton Craig. We would recommend this agency to anyone looking for a team that will write at scale and deliver content they can be proud to put in front of their team.

Jess Cook, Content Marketing Manager, Fastly

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