Creating a front-row tone of voice for Kent State University

by Darren Clare

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We got in touch with Stratton Craig because we wanted to create a new tone of voice that would better reflect our status as one of the top fashion schools in the world. We had also recently shifted our values, style and brand, so we needed a new tone to tie this all together.

Within a few weeks, we noticed the impact of Stratton Craig’s work. We’ve received nothing but positive feedback from the new tone of voice guidelines and the web copy, which has been seen by visitors all over the globe.

Initially, we thought that us being based in the US would make it difficult to work with a UK agency. But Stratton Craig proved us wrong. They catered to our time zone, and we never noticed any disruption. We also appreciated having a dedicated team that quickly produced content.

Another key benefit of working with Stratton Craig is their attention to detail when getting to know your business. The in-depth analysis and workshops they carried out before working together with us meant they delivered the best possible results.

Brittani Peterson, Kent State University School of Fashion

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