YouTube proves online ads are alive and kicking

by Stratton Craig

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YouTube stands to make nearly £3.5 billion this year from advertising alone. That’s according to a report by eMarketer, which suggests the web giant’s ad revenues will jump by more than 50 percent, leaving a net profit of around £1.2 billion.

If that isn’t enough to show why firms should be investing heavily in their online adverts, we don’t know what is. YouTube’s ad profits are so vast because companies know a well-written banner or video ad can ensure they get more than their money’s worth. 

But video adverts are pricey, and a poorly scripted or produced piece can expose your company and products to ridicule. Getting the right blend of creativity and information is tough enough, and then you’ve got to tie it all together with the best words for the job.

Even if you’re used to producing traditional television adverts, you’ll need to adjust your focus when creating web ads. People are often content to take in commercial TV breaks with half an eye. But when your advert appears before the YouTube clip they’ve been waiting for, they’ll simply open a new tab and browse another website until it’s over.

When you’re considering online video adverts – think quick. A voiceover or presenter can get away with talking at a speed close to reality – much faster than most TV adverts. Slow talkers lose attention quickly, and so do adverts which talk at, rather than with, consumers. Engage them by inserting questions into your script – you can use all manner of multimedia tools, like tables and graphs on the screen, to give them the answers.

Banner adverts on the website also need plenty of thought. The exposure they get gives them fantastic potential, but magnifies any mistakes. They need to be immediate and striking – thousands of people will scan your ad for a split second when the page opens, so make sure you reel them in with a killer headline.

To hold an online viewer’s attention your adverts need to be as fast and dynamic as the average viral video. Great copywriting is a key part of this, so contact the team at Stratton Craig to learn how we can inject pace into your writing.


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