Writing for a sell-out winter

by Stratton Craig

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The cold has settled and our beach-themed daydreams have migrated to snow-laden lands. The arrival of Bonfire Night has us wrapping up in woolly scarves and venturing out for magnificent firework displays, during which we’ll sip hot chocolate and ponder the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.

But as the fireworks fizzle out and we move onto Christmas shopping and New Year’s Eve planning, Stratton Craig turns its attention to copy that will make your customers ‘remember, remember’ your message all season long.  For we know of no reason you should ever be forgot!

Even if you’re not selling hand-woven knits or mouth-watering turkeys, winter gives you a fresh opportunity to make an impact on clients by depicting your products or services in a new light.

Firstly, retail therapy rises in the winter as the nights grow long and festive celebrations ignite the generosity in all of us. And service providers can likewise benefit from Britain’s more extravagant temperament. As the end of the year approaches, we’re reminded of all the goals we set at the year’s beginning; individuals and companies alike scramble to achieve all the things they still haven’t checked off their annual to-do lists.  

Emphasising the sense of a deadline – before children break up for Christmas or before the final fireworks of the year fall, for example – could be all the encouragement customers need to take action. And combined with hedonistic references like crackling fires, freshly baked mince pies and glug-worthy vats of eggnog, you have one persuasive argument in your hands.

Consider this: how many passing patrons will be coaxed into a Starbucks by the promise of a Pumpkin Spice Latte or Praline Mocha? And we’d place our bets that Mistletoe Nail Lacquer will be the hottest hue in nail bars this season.

Let us know if you’ve seen a winter campaign that makes you melt. Get in touch with us or tweet your thoughts to @strattoncraig. 

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