"Words are finished" – we certainly think not!

by Stratton Craig

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Language lovers – cast your eyes over this article from BBC magazine. Below are our thoughts as to why we feel Kellaway’s article is somewhat misguided!

“Words are finished” – three words that particularly stood out… words are certainly not dead, in fact, when have they ever been more alive?!

Everywhere today you find adverts, brochures, websites (we could go on…) vying for just a small piece of their audience’s ‘mental real estate’ – a spot in the consumer’s mind that potentially leads down the long and winding road to profitability. And how are they doing it? Through messages. Whether it’s a speech from the CEO, a catchy tagline or a website, words are used to engage an audience and cause a reaction. However, we don’t feel words are being utilised.

How many brands create an attractive aesthetic that catches the eye, looks cool and intrigues? We’d argue the answer is the majority. But how many brands use fantastic language that stirs the senses whilst perfectly summarising the offering? You’re right… not many. So what happens when consumers look behind the logo? Not much, unless the words are getting it right.

Apple is a perfect example of a brand that’s found style and success in language. And what do we all know about Apple? They have a following… they have a club… and a lot of people who aren’t yet in it hope that one day they can be. In short, they have loyalty. Microsoft is by no means unsuccessful… they are the general go-to brand for all things computer, but they continue to lose customers to Apple every day… we’ve no doubt communication has something to do with that.

From the words on the page, to fully understanding and successfully communicating what the brand is about… Words come in everywhere and are the subtle saviour of companies the world over.

Words are dead? We think not. Else Lucy had better start looking for work elsewhere!

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