by Stratton Craig

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This week we’ve been sharing our favourite wise words over on Twitter (@strattoncraig). Each and every quote highlights the importance of excellent communication or how to achieve it.

There’s something special about some of these historical (and not so historical) quotes that makes them resound perfectly with their audience and that has made others remember them for years. Some are humorous, some are metaphorically beautiful and others seem like slices of utter genius – some are all of these things and more!

Beneath the obvious meaning of each of these wise words, is an underlying message about how toengage your audience and be remembered. William Butler Yeats sums it up well: Think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people. If your message is strong, meaningful and relevant, there’s no need to dress it up with long and confusing words. Say it as it is, and it will be remembered exactly for what it is.

There are so many important messages resounding in these quotes, so head over to our Twitter page to see more. And while you’re there, please tell us what your favourite #wisewords are!

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