Why tone of voice is as important as the words you use

by Stratton Craig

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Everyone encounters this reality sooner or later and for me it was while preparing for job interviews. It was made clear to me that I could be the most qualified person in the room but I had to communicate that effectively to the interviewer to stand a chance. Just as people need an authentic tone to let their personality shine through, so too does your business.
What is ‘tone of voice’?
Your tone of voice informs every piece of written communication, using specific words in various orders and rhythms to create a unique way of expressing who you are.  Creating a tone of voice for your business can only follow on from defining the personality and values of your people and knowing exactly what you want to tell the world.
Approaching your audience with a clear, consistent tone of voice is vital to making sure that you connect with the right people. The content of what your business has to say is important, but if the right people do not hear it, it is irrelevant. Whoever your clients or customers are, people need to know you are speaking to them – finding your voice is the key to establishing this connection.
How do I go about creating a tone of voice?
To begin exploring the personality of your business and thinking about the tone of voice you want to employ, why not ponder these four questions:
1.       Why does the company exist?
2.       How does your company benefit people on a personal level?
3.       What is unique about the way you work?
4.       Who is your audience?
Your policy on aspects of language such as technical terms and colloquialisms, along with the types of verbs and adjectives you use, should be defined by the language your customers or clients would use. Speaking to focus groups or collating the written communications your company has received can help you form an idea of how people already talk about your products and services.
Empower your business by establishing a consistent and authentic tone of voice. At Stratton Craig, a specialist copywriting and tone of voice agency, we can help you get it just right and help you implement your verbal identity across all your written communications. Want to find out more? Get in touch with the team today.

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