Why shouldn’t you insource content marketing?

by Stratton Craig

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Content marketing spend is on the up as more companies see the value in words, videos and images that enrich their audience’s experience. After choosing this approach, the next step is to decide how – starting with insourcing or outsourcing.  Call us biased, but we’d champion outsourcing to the experts every time, as quality is the crux of a successful content marketing project. Here’s why insourcing may not be right for your content marketing plans:
It needs full and continued commitment
If you’re going to pursue content marketing, it can’t be approached half-heartedly or you’ll have wasted time and resources for not a lot in return. Dedicated writers are required, alongside a manager to prepare and execute a comprehensive plan.
After a ‘yes’ from the top, there’s a danger of content marketing becoming just another line on the marketing team’s to-do list. By outsourcing, you leave the project in the hands of a team who is 100 percent behind it.
It can be disruptive
Planning is key to the success of content creation, meaning a shift of focus away from other activities. For teams who already face tight schedules, the burden of more work can be disastrous to productivity and most importantly of all, quality. By employing specifically with content marketing in mind you can side-step this pitfall, but new faces means a change to the working dynamic and additional names on the payroll.
It demands the expert’s touch
We’ve mentioned quality twice already, but that’s because it is so vital to content that builds relationships with potential customers and strengthens those that already exist. Your competitors will likely have content marketing plans of their own, and with the input of the experts you can remain out in front.
Valuable, sharable content starts with the input of experienced writers who know how to craft messages with your audience’s interests firmly in mind. Maintaining these messages consistently requires diligent project management, which doesn’t always suit the current in-house set-up. That’s where outsourcing is the right fit.
To discuss why outsourcing to a copywriting agency makes sense, with a team in the know, get in touch with Stratton Craig today.  

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