What differentiates the expert writer?

by Stratton Craig

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A team of German researchers has proven that, when it comes to writing, practice really does make perfect. And that the art of effortless copy simply doesn’t come overnight.
The University of Greifswald researchers monitored the brain activity of professional writers compared with those who only dabble in the written word. In the brains of amateur and expert penmen alike, the vision-processing parts of the brain were illuminated. But it was only when experienced writers put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) that the speech faculty came to life.
The role of the narrator
It can be useful to visualise the story of your copy, whether you’re penning a blog, a newsletter or straightforward B2B and B2C communications. See your customer at your website or reading a pamphlet and complete the conversation in your head. That’s how you sketch out great copy. But to turn words into truly dynamic reading, you also have to convert them into dialogue. If you want your audience to listen, your content has to speak to them.
Writing like a narrator takes practice. So it’s perfectly natural that the caudate nucleus – the part of the brain that fires during highly skilled activities like playing an instrument or sport – was more active while professional writers were at work. This suggests that writing requires time, training and dedication.
Honing writerly talent
Of course, not all musicians can play every instrument. And nor can every writer tackle the same projects with the confidence and flair they might channel into their field of personal expertise.
Journalists are great at spotting stand-out facts and quotes to compile a compelling story. Report writers understand the rigorous demands of the modern company’s compliance department and know how to craft an engaging summary that still ticks all the boxes. International copywriters are conscious of global nuances and how to be heard in every market. Digital writers are SEO-savvy and have mastered the art of blending keywords into sharp web copy. And the authors behind the best press releases are skilled in structuring important information for an audience of journalists and bloggers who are short on time and keen on fast facts.
At Stratton Craig, our team of expert writers come from all walks of life and there’s always someone with the unique skill required to narrate your story. Get in touch and let our brains light up on your behalf. 

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