Watch your language

by Stratton Craig

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How do you turn a good brand into a world-class asset?

Language is absolutely central to how people – both customers and staff – experience a brand.

Not everyone has the budget to outsource all the writing for their brand, so Stratton Craig has launched a new service to help clients harness the real value of words and ensure consistency in-house.

Based on 20 years’ writing experience with some of the world’s best brands, Groundworking is Stratton Craig’s unique tone of voice and brand expression process. It gives clients a solid platform on which to build a consistent style and tone for all communications, regardless of who produces them.

By identifying and establishing rules for how clients use language, we can help clients ensure that any new copywriting aligns with their brand values.

There are two stages to the Groundworking process:

  1. Review current communications and align it to agreed brand guidelines. Identify who writes material within the organisation and provide guidance on key copy issues going forward.

  1. Develop your own tone of voice using agreed brand values and guidelines as the foundation. A lexicon of brand language will be produced and examples of do’s and don’ts provided.

Stratton Craig can also offer copywriting training workshops to help clients implement the results of Groundworking across the business and the spectrum of media.

To find out how Groundworking could benefit your business, call Stratton Craig on 0117 937 1383 or email [email protected]

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