Unilever takes on new sustainability approach

by Stratton Craig

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As consumers and businesses become increasingly conscious of ethics and social responsibility, addressing sustainability issues is emerging as a major challenge for UK brands. However, a few brands are determined to lead the trend, including Unilever, which is taking on its new Sustain Ability Challenge.

The initiative has been developed in partnership with The Futures Company and food waste campaign group WRAP and aims to educate consumers on sustainable living and brands on how to adopt a more sustainability-oriented approach to marketing.

The marketing campaign started on social media, with Unilever inviting UK households to accept a number of challenges that will teach them not just how to lead more sustainable lifestyles but also how to reduce their costs and prove that being environmentally friendly is not expensive.

Unilever is challenging households to reduce the amount of water and energy they use, to start using food more efficiently, thus minimising food waste, and contribute to lowering their carbon footprint, the company says.

Lloyd Burdett, head of global clients and strategy at insights firm The Futures Company, comments that brands cannot expect consumers to be motivated by environmental concerns only, but should combine this message with other aspects that consumers can more easily relate to.

Emma Marsh, head of Love Food Hate Waste at WRAP, says that Unilever´s campaign can set an example for all British brands, which can together offer practical advice on how to modify families´ behaviour to promote a more sustainable lifestyle, especially in food, water and energy waste.

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