Top 10 tips for triumphant Tweeting

by Stratton Craig

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It’s not easy getting an accurate flavour of you, your brand, your services, your passions, your ethics and your ideal connections across in 140 characters – even seasoned copywriters can find this a challenge on Twitter.

There are so many considerations to bear in mind, making Twitter both a joy and a potential disaster zone for the ill-prepared.

Here are our top 10 tips for Tweeting triumphs:

1. Don’t sell anything: it’s not a direct marketing platform, it’s social. Promote for audience benefit, yes, but do it with integrity.

2. Be authentic: it’s a true test of your confidence with content if you can be authentic in 140 characters. Be patient.

3. Get engaged: Twitter is not a broadcast marketing medium, remember the two-way conversations really, really count.

4. Observe and follow: if you see content you like, are inspired by, or want to follow, do so. A great way to learn – and free.

5. Content remains King: you’ll gain attention, engagement and re-tweets based solely on one factor – fantastic content.

6. Be challenging: if you see content you disagree with, challenge it. Spark debate and conversation, get involved.

7. Compliment competitors: make sure you monitor and re-tweet content from your competitors. Your audience will value it.

8. Be true to yourself: make sure your content is consistent with you, your ethics, your brand and the way you do business.

9. Forget random – get strategic: establish a content strategy and stick to it. Auto-publish if you must, but value your content.

10. Be grateful: if your content gets noticed and re-tweeted show your appreciation to your audience, every time.

Simple tips, strong strategies, stunning content. Twitter can be fast and frenetic but also fun.

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