Tips for boosting traffic

by Stratton Craig

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Time to make your New Year's resolutions in marketing? Here are a few basic tips on how to attract visitors to your website in 2013.

Good content is always a major traffic driver. Whether on social sites, on your company blog or on your website, if you manage to create great content, this will inevitably bring more traffic in the form of referrals and shares. However, to make sharing easy for users, make sure you add social sharing buttons below every piece of content you post.

Try to be helpful and useful. If users post questions on social networking sites, provide an answer that offers as much information as possible. Apart from traffic, this can also enhance loyalty and bring you new customers who will be attracted by your helpfulness. You could also post comments on other websites and blogs but try to make them valuable and meaningful.

Use the full potential of email marketing by providing users with a great newsletter. If you manage to capture their attention, they are likely to share it. However, make sure your email follow-up sequence is of high quality as well, as that could lead to more referral traffic.

Apart from good content, the way it is presented is also of great importance to users. Provide a variety of information in terms of both form and content. Including infographics, presentations, slide decks, podcasts and your own YouTube channel would boost engagement and result in more traffic.

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