Tips for a website overhaul – part 2

by Stratton Craig

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  • Let your experience speak for itself
    • As writers, we know the importance of keeping copy concise. You’ll get more response from a well-worded paragraph or two than a jam-packed bulky page describing a project. Give your audience all they need to know, not just every detail you want to tell them. Do it well, and they’ll soon be calling you to find out more anyway!
  • Navigate
    • Getting the structure of your website right is crucial. A visit to your website should be treated like any other journey – with clear connections to take your audience through from stage to stage – make it easy for them.
  • Don’t give up!
    • Admittedly, overhauling your website is daunting. But keep at it, and monitor the difference that your changes make to your analytics. Then continue to make changes accordingly. Your audience’s needs and situations are evolving, and therefore so should your website.

Our new website will be up and running soon, so please watch this space!

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