Timing is crucial for email marketing

by Stratton Craig

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While content and frequency are two of the most important aspects of effective email marketing, the notion of timing should not be overlooked either. This is what Tristan Garrick, head of public relations for the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), has claimed, suggesting that marketers should take timing into account when planning their email marketing strategies.

Timing should be chosen in relation to the particular type of business that each brand develops, Garrick said. To illustrate his opinion, he gave the example of a travel business that needs to decide which is the most suitable time for them to get in contact with consumers when presenting them with summer holiday offers. Consumers are not likely to respond positively to an offer that they receive every single week, starting in January, but on the other hand if they get an offer in June or July it may already be too late, he noted. By contrast, retailers might benefit from sending a weekly newsletter or a brochure with the best deals of the week, so that consumers are kept up-to-date with deals.

When trying to determine the best timing for their email campaigns, brands should test various options to find the one that works best for them, Garrick recommended. However, it is important that marketing e-mails are only sent to people who have opted in for such a service. Otherwise instead of attracting new customers, they might suddenly turn into spammers, Equimedia website reported.

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