Time for brands to work on Christmas content marketing strategies

by Stratton Craig

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Creating powerful and engaging content in the run-up to Christmas might prove the strongest tool for retailers this season. Most marketers have already focused their efforts on developing a working content marketing strategy in a bid to engage consumers and boost sales.
According to ClickThrough Marketing website, the key is to realise that Christmas content marketing should be different, because consumers´ behaviour during the festive season differs significantly. The best thing a brand can do is to experiment but start well in advance, so that by the time consumers start spending, the business has already established the working strategy that will drive traffic, increase conversion rates and entice consumers to purchase their goods.
One way to get consumers interested in Christmas content is to offer a round-up of the year – for example, which products enjoyed the biggest sales or what the most popular deal was. Another possibility is to offer a look into the future – what the trends might be for 2013. Predictions do not necessarily have to be accurate, so businesses can afford to be more creative and inventive in their forecasts. If brands decide to announce Christmas sales, gifts or a competition, it is advisable to start well in advance.
Social media can play a significant role in Christmas content strategy, mostly because users who follow a brand have already developed loyalty towards it. Christmas is the time when brands can focus on their old customers and reward them – offering deals and discounts is a possible way to do this. Users should be encouraged to comment and post photographs or videos on a specific theme and in return may be given access to exclusive deals.

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