Three tips for effective email marketing

by Stratton Craig

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Email marketing is widely considered to be cost-effective and to create a lasting impact and that is why it lies at the heart of many marketing campaigns. Because it is so popular, marketers have a range of different approaches to it and various tactics for engaging customers. Here are a few pointers on successful email marketing, presented by Econsultancy.

One of the key issues in email marketing is to make sure that consumers “hear” from a brand more than once. Sending one email and then waiting for a response is certainly not going to work for either B2B or B2C contacts. Instead, an example of a well-planned strategy includes a plain HTML email that presents the offer, a second email in a plain Outlook style from a sales contact and a final third one, which serves as a reminder.

Another aspect of emails that often causes confusion is subject lines. While various studies have reached different conclusions, most marketers would agree that it is either better to keep them short and simple, or to provide a full description of what the email is about, and try to avoid the middle ground.

Finally, while it is generally considered that a brand should include their call-to-action above the fold, the truth is that where it is placed is not as important as what is placed above it. In other words, good engaging copy will lead to better click-through rates, even if that means that the call-to-action comes below the fold.

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