The week in writing 16.08.13

by Stratton Craig

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A look at some of the best (and sometimes worst) writing we’ve seen this week… This week, we’ve been admiring everything from menus in restaurants to signs in parks. We’ve also picked up on some of Ryanair’s latest apparent mischief-making
Ryanair hits the headlines, again.
According to the Daily Mirror, one of Ryanair’s staff handbooks advises them to pretend they are short of change when selling passengers items from the trolley. Apparently the advice, “Keep the change! A simple and effective method to help boost your passenger spend count.” is from “a third party” and Ryanair insists that their own policy is that “change is returned immediately to passengers”. Handbooks are great for communicating internal standards for customer service, and they help to create a consistent brand at every touchpoint. Ryanair’s faux pas just goes to show how important it is to pay close attention to the guidance you hand out.
And last but not least… Is this the most overused statement these days?
‘We’re doing our best in tough economic times.’
This classic (if not a little worn-out) response goes some way towards capturing the unusual entrepreneurial spirit of a cash-strapped Chinese zoo, which was caught trying to pass off a dog as a lion, a fox as a leopard and a pair of rats as snakes.
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