The Importance Of Written Communication

by Stratton Craig

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The power of written communication is constantly overlooked.
Although we’re free to let our imaginations run wild in the playground, we’re restricted in the classroom. We’re told that creativity should take a back seat to STEM in our academic careers. But, sometimes, things don’t have a set answer. There’s no machine that can replace imagination. What separates us from androids is our ability to explore the world through the subtleties of language. A great writer can transform words from mundane to magical, simple to sublime. It’s a rare skill to be able to distil the essence of what people think and express it in just the right way.
Luckily, it’s something we have in abundance at Stratton Craig.
Words make history
From Nelson Mandela’s speech at his 1964 trial to Neil Armstrong’s first lunar sentence, the right words can immortalise those who deliver them. Martin Luther King’s rousing ‘I Have a Dream’ speech in 1963 inspired those fighting for the Civil Rights Movement and created an enduring legacy. And Winston Churchill raised the spirits of the battered nation during World War Two with his unrelenting words of encouragement. Without these carefully chosen and powerfully delivered statements, the pages of our history books could read very differently.
Immortalise your brand
Brands can also cement their position in the history books with their language choices. Taglines like Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ and L’Oreal’s ‘Because you’re worth it’ are instantly recognisable and have stood the test of time. However, there’s more to written communications than enticing slogans. If you capture a client’s attention with a snappy campaign, the challenge is keeping it. Engaging and exciting copy, informative yet easily-digestible reports and consistent tone and language choices will keep people interested long after your viral ad campaigns have faded into obscurity. Great copy will strengthen your brand’s image and recognisability. It’s tricky to master on your own.
We’ll help you craft an easy-to-follow and clear tone of voice guide that ensures your written communications are consistent and representative of your brand. We’ll also guide you through the minefield of content strategy and help you achieve your goals with a strong plan for consistently targeted and carefully crafted content.
Lighting the way
The best writers are expert wayfinders. They’ll deftly guide you through a new topic without drawing attention to their presence. It seems counterintuitive to invest your money into something that people might not notice. But shoddy grammar, poorly structured content and uninspiring language choices won’t slip under the radar. They’ll make your brand seem amateur and boring, turning customers off even if they don’t consciously realise it. On the other end of the spectrum, ostentatious word choices that have your readers reaching for the dictionary lack the ‘common touch’ that will make your brand universally appealing. A skilled copywriter can take facts, no matter how dry or uninspiring they are and weave them into exciting, engaging copy that’s never economical with the truth.
This is vital, as we’ve found ourselves in the age of mistrust, where fake news masquerades as the truth and trustworthy sources are difficult to pick out. Now, accurate and engaging written communications are more important than ever. At Stratton Craig, the content our skilled team produces packages thoroughly-researched, factually-accurate content in rich, carefully-chosen language that will embolden and elevate your brand.
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