Tactics For Boosting Engagement Rates On Twitter

by Stratton Craig

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A new study from social network software provider Buddy Media reveals that large brands may expect better consumer engagement rates if they post tweets at the weekend, instead of during weekdays, Search Engine Watch website reports.

The study also finds that engagement rate peaks vary significantly across the two most popular social networking sites and while Twitter may yield more engagement during busy hours, between 7am and 8pm, posting on Facebook is more effective during non-busy hours, the period between 8pm and 7am.

Although the study notes this general difference between the two platforms, it mostly focuses on ways to improve engagement on Twitter. Some of its other recommendations include using shorter tweets, not exceeding 100 characters, which results in 17% higher engagement, as well as including a link in the tweet, as 92% of all interaction with big brands comes from link clicking, according to the authors of the survey. A small reminder here – brands should always make sure that there is a space before the link, as no space in front leads to an unclickable link, which may put off your consumers.

Another important factor to consider is the number of tweets posted per day. Buddy Media reveals that the higher the number of tweets per day, the lower the engagement. It is recommended to stick to four tweets a day or fewer. Inviting consumers to retweet is also a good tactic for boosting engagement, but brands should remember to spell out the entire word “retweet”, as this is more effective than using the shorter “RT”. Finally, the study recommends using one or two hashtags in a tweet for a 21% boost in rates.

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