Tablet use soars as consumers engage in digital multi-tasking

by Stratton Craig

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Delivering quality content on mobile devices is vital for brands and this is hardly news these days. While most people are aware of the growing prominence of smartphones, the fact that the number of British consumers using tablets has increased by almost four times over the course of 2012 may come as a bit of a surprise.
According to Digital Selves, a study from research company Intersperience, UK consumers are increasingly using more than one digital device. Typically, this includes a combination between a tablet and another gadget, like a PC, a laptop or a smartphone, and is another indicator of the superfast tablet adoption.
Digital multi-tasking was most prominent during the London Olympics, when as many as half of UK consumers split their attention between two or more devices to view the event coverage. Consumers seem to have grown proficient in terms of multi-screen viewing and feel at ease when switching from one device to another, the research found.
An important conclusion to be drawn from the study is the widening gap between the most tech-savvy consumers, who often engage in simultaneous multi-device activities, and approximately 20% of UK consumers who have no online access at all, according to Ofcom data.
Commenting on the findings, Paul Hudson, Intersperience CEO, says that businesses need to acknowledge the fact that a universal approach to consumers is inappropriate at a time when the range of communication channels continues to grow and diversify.

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