Some great examples of financial content writing that works

by Colm Hebblethwaite

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The world of financial content writing can often seem intentionally designed to confuse, conceal or over complicate. Often a relatively simple message can be loaded with stats, tables and technical terms to the point that the meaning can be hard to tease out. Financial content usually seems to be an exercise in making things as complicated as they can possibly be.

Part of this comes down to the purpose of financial content writing, which is to convey numbers, figures and trends in a way that is useful to the reader. The audience could be investors and regulators, but it could also be employees, consumers and NGOs. This makes financial copywriting more about the nuts and bolts presentation of metrics, rather than crafting a compelling narrative.

But the other part of this comes down to a classic case of experts creating their own language. Finance is a complex field full of experts who have a deep knowledge of their particular area. This means they know what they are talking about, but that they may just sound almost incomprehensible to most of us.

Here are Stratton Craig, we do a lot of financial content. We can do facts, figures and complicated theories, but we also bring a little of what makes us so successful elsewhere. Our financial copywriting always looks to tell the story in a clear and useful way, using structure, tone of voice and insight to make it easy for readers to get what they need.

Some of our recent financial content writing

Here are some great examples of when our clients got it right.

Swiss Life

Often the missing piece in financial content writing is an overarching message, something that ties it to the lives and ambitions of people and their families. For Swiss Life the glue that holds their sprawling global operations is the idea of promoting the Self-Determined Life. Swiss Life provides the tools and strategies its clients and the generations that follow need to live with financial confidence and security. It is a simple, powerful idea, and forms the basis for all the company’s blogs.

B by Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank

B is an app-based digital banking service offered by CYBG, which has a distinct brand personality from its sister brands Clydesdale Bank and Yorkshire Bank. The company’s blog is central to this, covering a range of money management topics that are actually useful to the app’s users. Covering topics such planning hen and stag-dos without bankrupting yourself or nice tips and tricks for not letting DIY costs spiral out of control, the brand has marked itself as a unique prospect in a crowded space.

More financial content writing examples

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