SodaStream focuses on industry sustainability in new campaign

by Stratton Craig

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SodaStream, a producer of home carbonation products, is starting an £11 million global marketing campaign that focuses on the brand´s sustainability approach and criticises major soft drinks businesses for being environmentally unfriendly, Marketing Week reports.
The new marketing drive claims that the soft drinks industry creates tonnes of plastic waste and tells consumers that by using SodaStream they can save around 2,000 plastic bottles every year. The TV advertisement shows bottles of fizzy drinks exploding, encouraging customers to “set bubbles free”.
SodaStream offers products that can be turned into fizzy drinks by adding them to tap water and carbonating at home, and claims that it produces far less waste. By contrast, soft drinks makers are “not fit for the 21st century”, UK managing director of SodaStream Fiona Hope told Marketing Week.
She adds that there are great brands that produce fantastic products but are not environmentally conscious enough, as they create far too much plastic waste. Even though soft drinks producers participate in recycling, the recycling process is “overrated” and it would be better for people and for the environment if less plastic was used in the production process, she explained.
The TV advertisement was launched in the UK on 22 November and will be broadcast globally. This will be the first time the brand has engaged in a TV ad campaign in the US, Marketing Week notes. The campaign is rolling out just in time for SodaStream´s latest product launch – the new carbonating machine called “The Source”, which the brand says will add extra style to the product range.

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